The news of Rogers deciding to not carry the BlackBerry Z30 admittedly was a bit surprising. After all, the company has long been a supporter of BlackBerry and was among the first carriers to launch the devices back in the early days of RIM but as the news is spreading and gaining more attention, it seems a lot of folks are letting Rogers know their decision might not have been the best one.

BlackBerry Z30 is being called the best BlackBerry ever released yet Rogers is passing on it? Terrible decision. I'll be saying bye on Oct 15.@johnpeterc88, Twitter

Their Facebook page is filling up with comments, their Twitter account mentions have been a mess since the news came out and many are asking why the Canadian carrier is "turning their backs on another Canadian company". Granted for their part, Rogers says it's nothing of that nature at all with Rob Bruce, Rogers President of Communications, stating “We remain committed to BlackBerry, People recognize we’re BlackBerry supporters, and they’re taking a very routine event and they’re attaching significance to it.” Even if that is the case, it would seem Mr. Bruce's thoughts of people recognizing Rogers as being supporters of BlackBerry is a bit amiss.

They could offer pre-orders and only buy enough from BlackBerry to fill demand. Seems like a simple solution.playbookster, CrackBerry Member

To be clear, I can see Rogers making a business decision here and while the decision doesn't help BlackBerry in any way, it's not a hard for me to just take my money elsewhere such as Bell or TELUS and buy a Z30 off contract, unlock it and put it on my Rogers account. But not everyone can do that and with the whole Verizon Wireless may be coming to Canada talks (since broken down), Rogers became very patriotic and made no bones about telling folks that if Verizon was allowed to enter the market, Canadian jobs would be lost. Some see that as being very hypocritical in light of this situation.

A month ago Rogers was jumping up and down screaming mad about a rumour of Verizon coming to Canada then turn their backs on BlackBerry. ccan, CrackBerry Member

In any case, I don't forsee Rogers changing their business plans at this point, despite the noticeable outrage. Again, according to Rob Bruce, the decision to not carry the BlackBerry Z30 was made over two months ago now but of course, that's not going to stop people from suggesting Rogers re-evaluate and folks who want them to, should indeed tell Rogers they're upset at the scenario. I do however make one suggestion, be polite about it folks. You catch more flies with honey then with vinegar.

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