Listen up Canadians, Rogers is bringing back one of their most popular deals. From now until September 30th you can add the 6GB/$30 data plan for your smartphone to a voice plan with a three-year term. You can also share this data plan with another device starting at $10/month per device, with up to four devices being allowed. And new or existing customers on the My10 Promo Plan can upgrade their data allowance from 1GB to 6GB for an additional $10/month.


  • You must have a voice plan in order to add the 6GB/$30 and it’s available with a three year term only. Tethering is included at no extra charge.
  • For sharing options, your primary line must be a smartphone with a three year term and your secondary device can be any of the following:
    • Tablet
    • Rocket Stick
    • Netbook or laptop with embedded Rocket Stick
    • Rocket Mobile Hotspot
Looks like a pretty enticing deal to go along with a fresh new BlackBerry, I think. If you're on Rogers, do you plan on taking advantage of this offer?

Source: RedBoard

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