Rogers BlackBerry Z30 and Q5 OS 10.3.1 updates now available

While Rogers has already rolled out OS 10.3.1 to BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 owners, their estimated time of arrival for the update on other devices such as the Z30 and Q5 was up in the air for a bit there with some reports suggesting, at the time, 'early next week' with others suggesting March.

Long story short, the update was always still in the works but now it has started appearing on Z30's and Q5's, so if you're an owner of either of those devices you can now go ahead and check for updates and you just might have it there, ready and waiting to be installed.

Wondering what's new? Be sure to check out our earlier post outlining some of the changes. Passport user? Still nothing for you specifically as of yet, though that's still coming as well.