The other night I took in a Blue Jays game in Toronto while getting some quality time with the Rogers BlackBerry Q10. Okay, so I'm not much of a sports guy, so really it was just quality time with the Q10, but it was still great. The Rogers model provides access to a few great services that are also available on the Z10. 

For one, there's AnyPlace TV. This is a custom-made streaming TV app that lets you watch sport, news, cartoons, and all sorts of shows live from your device. It only costs $5/month, and until next October, they won't charge you for data overages when using the service. The other particularly awesome service is Smart Home Monitoring. Once your house is all hooked up, you can use your Q10 to switch lights, change the temperature or lock and unlock doors. Plans for that one start at $20/month.  

Other apps included on the Rogers version of the BlackBerry Q10 are SportsNet, OneNumber, and My Account.

So, who's picking up a Q10 from Rogers? Anyone hankering for the exclusive white version?