Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Pearl 9100

Our pal Treatz and another connect both hit us up just now with photos of dummy units of the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 and white BlackBerry Bold 9700 that are arriving at Rogers stores in Canada. Once this happens, it's typically only a short matter of time before the units will on sale.

The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 is looking pretty sweet with its maroon color that sort of fades to black - let's hope it gets officially announced by RIM at WES next week. But personally, I am ALL OVER that white Bold 9700. Summer is almost here and I'm all about having a white phone for the hot months.  Maybe we should do up a contest here on the blogs for a chance to win my current black Bold 9700 so I can give it away and justify a new white one... good idea??

More photos of the white Bold 9700 and Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 9100 below. Check em out!!!

Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Pearl 9100

Rogers White BlackBerry Bold 9700

Rogers BlackBerry Pearl 9100