If you're a Rogers BlackBerry KEYone owner and been wondering where your software updates are, we have some good news for you. According to Rogers OS update schedule, the latest security updates have now been approved by Rogers and will start rolling out on January 22.

Naturally, the OS update schedule doesn't note what is included in this release but it's probably safe to say it's going to to be the January update that has already started filtering out to various other regions for the BlackBerry KEYone, which brings not only security enhancements but also the Files app and Locker mode which were exclusive to the BlackBerry Motion previously.

We'll keep an eye out for other carrier releases as well as it seems there has been a little bit of lag recently with them pushing updates in a timely manner. Just remember, if you bought your device from a carrier, you're still bound to their update schedule even with the new Canadian rules of carriers having to sell devices 'unlocked'.

Source: Rogers