Rogers corporate office has yet to fire off a press release announcing the launch of the BlackBerry Curve 8900, but that doesn't mean it hasn't begun popping up in stores across Canada. My local searches for a Curve 8900 have turned up negative so far, but in Halifax our CrackBerry Forums Moderator / Blogger Bla1ze had lady luck on his side and managed to pick one up Saturday afternoon.

Just to make us all green black(berry) with envy, Bla1ze sent in a short video (captured on his Bold) of the mandatory, ritual unboxing. This is just the start. Bla1ze is set up with cans of Red Bull and take-out pizza and is pulling an all nighter on this one. Expect his full review to be posted up here in the CrackBerry blogs by noon on Sunday. Dammmmn Bla1ze, that Curve 8900 IS A SEXY THING!!