Rogers and RIM sure never made it easy for BlackBerry loyalists and fans to track down the Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9000 in its first few days of availability. After a frustrating Thursday launch I was lucky to find success on Friday, though with most stores getting only a couple of units in their first device shipment I ran into and have heard from a lot of ticked off BlackBerry diehards (I hope everyone who wants one gets it soooon).

It was hard to control the excitement, but I managed to slow myself down enough to record the video unboxing above (one take, no excuses!) and do a quick hardware comparison to other BBs and even the iPhone 3G. Look for more BlackBerry Bold fun in the days ahead! In the meantime, you can check out our original BlackBerry 9000 review. I hope you enjoy the video... I've got a new BlackBerry to go play with!