Rogers BlackBerry 8310RYesterday afternoon I received an email from our regular Rogers tipster informing me the BlackBerry 8310r was now present on his ordering system (which it was not there the day before) and that the pricing was slotted in at the same rate as the 8300. This was our tipster's first glimpse of '8310r', with no other internal correspendence or announcements made about the GPS-enabled 8310r yet, so he guessed it could still be a few days or even a couple of weeks before the device becomes widely available to consumers.

The BG is also reporting that the 8310r is now available through Rogers, but that they may have jumped the gun a bit (they found images on the Rogers website, but no other written updates/specs are posted yet reflecting the release of the BlackBerry 8310r).

Either way it's good news for Canadians... the BlackBerry 8310r should be here soon!