BlackBerry Bold Coming Soon!

When it comes to Rogers BlackBerry Bold release dates, the blogosphere has been jinxed, with delay after delay making accurate-when-published rumored release dates wrong (say that 3x fast!). But we are getting close now. Dive into the forums and complete the tour de blogs, and you'll find all signs are pointing to an August 19th (maybe 20th) availability date.

Helping solidify that date, BBNews is reporting that Rogers employees will begin their BlackBerry Bold training next week! Topics to be covered include:

  • The new Setup Wizard
  • The benefits of 3G connectivity (high-speeds plus simultaneous voice and data connection)
  • The ability to download files with the web browser
  • Enhanced browser support for Javascript, CSS, and HTML
  • The use of the devices 802.11 a/b/g WiFi and GPS
  • The ability to tether the device with a computer for a broadband-like connection on the go
  • The vast multimedia improvements of OS 4.6 (improved web browser; support for streaming video such as YouTube; iTunes sync; download files via web browser; send and receive various audio, video, and document file formats via email; etc.)

I'd think training would have already been completed a while back - seeing how pictures of Rogers-branded Bolds have been floating around for a while and our original rumored release dates have come and gone. All I know is August 19th can't come soon enough!! Any Canadians want to wait in line with me?? As for our AT&T friends, click here to read the latest status update.