What, you need a closer look at the BlackBerry Z10 than what our staggeringly exhaustive review provides? Fine, here are some overview videos that Rogers and Bell posted recently. We're only slightly jealous of their production values. I'm sure TELUS will have one up shortly too, and the U.S. carriers will probably have their up closer to the March launch. All three will be offering the Z10 on February 5 for $150-ish on a three-year contract, and we're hearing off-contract pricing will be in the $650 range.

Obviously both Rogers and Bell devices are going to look awfully similar, but either carrier are offering different perks. Rogers is expanding their own SIM-based mobile payment system called suretap to the BlackBerry Z10. Meanwhile, Bell's touting Canada's largest LTE network, which should be appealing to those in remote reaches.

Take either selling point as you will. So far what's the killer feature on the BlackBerry 10 for you? These overviews are going over the big ones, but is there anything more subtle about the BlackBerry Z10 that you're really getting into.