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An endlessly reusable notebook that makes organizing and sharing your work a total breeze!

I love my Rocketbook Core! This futuristic notebook has awesome features like endless reusability, seamlessly scannable pages, and an easy-to-use app! I'm a huge advocate of preserving our planet. Purchasing and utilizing a Rocketbook maintains the classic pen to paper feel by digitizing all your handwritten notes, saving countless trees in the process. This is a review of Rocketbook Core — the last notebook you'll ever need!

Rocketbook Core review: Digitize your notes

Rocketbook Core is a reusable notebook. It's compatible with any Pilot FriXion pen, marker, or highlighter. Write or draw on its pages, scan your work, then organize and share it with the easy-to-use, free companion Rocketbook app. Easily use water and a microfiber cloth to wipe away your work for a fresh clean page. Rocketbook Core is compatible and makes sharing easy with: OneNote, OneDrive, Box, Evernote, Google Drive, Email, Dropbox, Trello, Slack, iMessage, and iCloud. If you want a deeper dive into Rocketbook in general, this is everything you need to know about Rocketbooks.


  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Connects to all your favorite Cloud services
  • Rocketbook app makes organizing and sharing easy
  • OCR-enabled


  • OCR won't fix spelling errors
  • Ink takes time to dry — not great for lefties
  • Somewhat redundant if you're not into handwritten notes

Rocketbook Core review: Why Rocketbook Core?

Rocketbook Core
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It's an endlessly reusable notebook.

That's the main reason. It's eco-friendly and easy to use. Rocketbook Core is the OG Rocketbook and remains a Rocketbook Best Seller today. It comes in two sizes (Letter — 8.5 by 11-inches and Executive — 6 by 8.8-inches) and features 32 to 36 pages depending on size. You have 12 colors to choose from and the cover and back are made of a tough, protective plastic ensuring your work remains intact. For page layout, you have the option of Dot Grid or Lined pages.

At the bottom of every page, you'll see a QR code and seven symbols — a Rocketbook logo, Diamond, Apple, Bell, Clover, Star, and Horseshoe. This is how your notes are organized and digitized. Within the app, you can assign a Cloud service to each symbol, so Rocketbook knows where you want your notes to go.

Choose from OneNote, OneDrive, Box, Evernote, Google Drive, Email, Dropbox, Trello, Slack, iMessage, and iCloud.

By putting an X over a symbol on the bottom of your page, Rocketbook automatically sends that note to your designated service of choice. I recommend assigning a destination to each symbol and switching Auto-send ON to really streamline your workflow.

Listen, I was skeptical about Rocketbook at first. In fact, I kept mine in its packaging for far too long because I just didn't think I was going to use it. However, now that I've finally busted it open, I'm a convert. I really wish Rocketbook was around when I was a student. I would have used it every day. But even now — as a web content creator with an affinity for typing, I use my Rocketbook Core regularly.

Rocketbook Core is for all handwritten notes, diagrams, and drawings. The free Rocketbook companion app makes it easy to scan your pages, organize them, and send them to your preferred Cloud services.

Rocketbook Core review: Top features

Rocketbook Ocr
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Search and storage

I love that I can search all my scanned content for key phrases within the app. Plus, digitizing all my work ensures I'll never lose a note. As a student pre-Rocketbook, I know what a catastrophe losing a notebook can be. That will never happen with Rocketbook Core. If you're a sucker for organization and being able to search and find applicable content with ease, you'll love the Core and Rocketbook app as much as I do.

Optical Character Recognition Handwriting Transcription

Ocr Handwriting Transcription
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Another top feature is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Handwriting Transcription. That means Rocketbook Core can convert handwritten notes into digital text. This is a feature that must be switched on. To enable transcription, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Open the Rocketbook App (If you're using an Android device, tap the menu icon)
  • Step 2: Tap Destinations
  • Step 3: Choose email, OneNote, Google Drive etc.
  • Step 4: Turn OCR Transcription ON
  • Step 5: Choose how you'd like to receive your transcription

When sending scans to an email destination, you have the option of sending your transcription attached as a .TXT file or embedded in the body of your email. When sending to a service like OneNote, Google Drive, or Evernote, you can send as one file (JPEG attached with a transcription of text), or two files (one file with your PDF or JPEG scan and one file with your text).

I really like the OCR feature, and it's had no problems converting my handwriting into text. However, it's not a friend to cursive and handwriting must be legible for it to work. If it's messy, the OCR is bound to make mistakes.

Transcriptions are optimized for letters and numbers, not shapes, or diagrams. I tried transcribing a drawing I made for my daughter for fun, and it just came out as a bunch of gibberish.

Smart titles

There is a Smart Titles feature in the Rocketbook app that you can use instead of renaming all your Rocketbook scans individually. This is another feature that must be switched ON. To do that, go to Menu, Settings, Handwriting Recognition (OCR), Smart Titles, and switch ON.

To assign a smart title to a scan, place two hashtags before and after the title in your notes. Scan your page and select your destination. If you have a symbol marked at the bottom of your page, the destination will automatically populate for you. Click done and your text will transcribe. Review your new title and if you approve, tap send!

If you change your mind about the title, all you need to do is tap on the file name in the app to edit before sending.

Rocketbook Core review: Rocketbook cleaning + maintenance

Rocketbook Clean
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Cleaning and maintaining your Rocketbook Core couldn't be easier. To clean your pages, all you have to do is use water and a microfiber cloth to wipe away your work and voila — fresh page. The Core comes with a microfiber cloth you can use, or any cloth you have lying around at home works too.

I like to keep a water spray bottle on my desk, so I don't have to get up. I just spray the page, wipe it clean with a cloth, and I'm ready to lay down some more content. In a pinch, I've also used a bit of spit and my fingertip (for smaller errors) and that's worked just fine.

Rocketbook Core is infinitely reusable, so as long as you clean your pages every month or so, you'll be able to use this notebook forever. Sometimes I need to keep my writing in my notebook for longer than a month, and if that's you too — don't sweat it. The longer you leave the ink on the page, the more likely there's going to be a shadow of your former work left over, but I've left writing on my pages for over a month, and this hasn't been an issue.

Rocketbook Core review: Writing tools

Rocketbook Pen
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Rocketbook is compatible with any Pilot FriXion pen, highlighter, or marker.

Rocketbook Core comes with one black Pilot FriXion pen, but there are all kinds of Pilot FriXion products in a rainbow of colors available on Amazon if you need more creative options. I delve into this topic deeply in my what kind of pen do I use with Rocketbook article if you want to check that out for continued discussion on the topic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT use the erasers that may come attached or with your Pilot FriXion writing utensils.

Rocketbook pages have a special coating (that's where the magic lies), that can be damaged via erasers of any kind. Use water. Don't erase. Another note on Pilot FriXion ink — it does take 10 to 15 seconds to dry completely on the page or it might smudge. This isn't great for lefties. My husband (who's left handed) put this to the test, and his writing did smudge a little. See below. The app was able to scan it though!

Rocketbook Lefties
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Bottom line

Rocketbook Core is a must for those who want to combine the power of the classic pen to paper feel with digital technology. It's perfect for students, professionals, and creative individuals who want to organize and streamline their workflow. It's endlessly reusable, the app is free and easy to navigate, and it connects to all your favorite Cloud services for seamless storage and organization. The more I work with it, the cooler it gets! I highly recommend taking the time to assign the logos at the bottom of the page to your specific destinations and using Smart Titles for maximum efficiency. There are so many applications for this notebook and all things considered — it's very affordable. If you're intrigued, there's no reason not to try it out. It really is the last notebook you'll ever need.

The OG Rocketbook

Rocketbook Core Render

Rocketbook Core

Rocketbook Core is a resusable notebook that makes it super easy to digitize, organize, and share your notes.

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