When you run a business, especially in the hospitality industry, great customer service is an expectation and having the right tools to meet customer demands when they arise is crucial. Rocco Forte Hotels employs over 2000 people across Europe, Russia, and the Middle East and to help meet customers needs and service level expectations they make use of BlackBerry and BES12 for its flexibility and security.

Offering Flexibility and Security

They chose BlackBerry for two key reasons: flexibility and security. Team members wanted greater choice in the mobile devices they used, and BlackBerry could support the full array through one administrative console. Staff can easily and securely access information on external and internal systems, while IT can rest assured that all data is protected by BlackBerry gold-standard security.

Real-time Updates for Smooth Operations

A customized app for hotel staff allows them to change the status of rooms and keep track of missing items. They use their mobile devices to record and update information in real-time, which helps keep operations running smoothly. Apps like these are easily deployed and managed on their 300 BlackBerry devices and 100 iOS devices. IT controls are just as easy to administer.

Check out the video above featuring Emmanuel Clave, IT Director for Rocco Forte Hotels, as it highlights how his organization is is putting BlackBerry and BES12 to work for them. Have you ever stayed in a hotel where the employees were actively using BlackBerry? If so, let us know in the comments.