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In my many years of doing this, I've come across quite a few robot vacuums and even gotten to review many of them. For the most part, they've all been good, and done a decent job at cleaning my floors.

But in all my years, I've never met one as feature-packed, nor as good at cleaning, as the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra. It's got all the smarts and features you could ever want in a robot vacuum and it truly is the pinnacle of robotic floor cleaning.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Design

If you've seen a robot vacuum before, you've seen the S8 Pro Ultra. It's a giant hockey puck that scoots around the house to clean and mop your floors. It comes in black and white to match whatever dΓ©cor you prefer.

If you're upgrading to a fully self-cleaning model like the S8 Pro Ultra, then the size of the dock might be a bit of a change at first. It's certainly big, and there's no avoiding it, but it's sleek and doesn't look like too much of an eye sore. We were lucky enough to find a corner of our house where it could be sort of out of the way but your mileage may vary.

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On top of the vacuum are the lasers for mapping and navigating the rooms as well as the only three physical buttons on the thing. The power button which also resumes cleaning, a home button to, you guessed it, send it back home, and a mop-only button that (thankfully) doubles as a child-lock. You can't imagine how helpful this is until you have a toddler who wants to do nothing more than play with the robot vacuum. There's also a lid that opens to reveal the dustbin.

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Around the sides are all the obstacle avoidance sensors and cameras, but the bottom is where all the action happens (tee hee). Here you'll find the brushes in the center with the mop on the back half. Near the front is the brush that helps sweep dirt from the corners and edges of the room under the vacuum to be picked up. There are also several other sensors including cliff sensors to keep it from falling down stairs, as well as the carpet detection sensor to notify the mop to raise up when the vacuum's approaching carpet.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Features

The S8 Pro Ultra is probably the most advanced, featured-packed robot vacuum I've ever used. No wait, it definitely is. There's more stuff going on here than in my car I'm pretty sure.

Before sending it out on its maiden voyage, you'll need to fill the water tank, remove any plastic from inside the docking station and put in a dust bag. Unfortunately, the company doesn't include any mopping solution with the vacuum, but they'll be kind enough to sell you some if you like. They do only recommend using their own cleaning solution as they can't guarantee others won't include chemicals that may harm the vacuum or your floors. Pro tip: water with a touch of vinegar works quite well for keeping the floors clean.

To map your home, the S8 Pro Ultra uses LiDAR

To map your home, the S8 Pro Ultra uses LiDAR. This gives you much more control over how your home gets cleaned, including allowing you to set 'no-go zones' and block off entire areas of your house that you don't want vacuumed.

To do the actual vacuuming, the S8 Pro Ultra comes equipped with two central brushes to grab even more dust and dirt off the floor and the 6,000 Pa of suction means it can pick up even more. One of the biggest downsides I saw with it, however, is that the opening from the brush area into the dustbin is quite small. This may not be a huge deal in most situations, but the dog hair from my German Shepherd gets stuck in their quite easily which means the dustbin almost never fills completely and sometimes it just won't be able to pick things up because the opening is completely clogged.

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To top it all off, it can't detect when the dustbin is full and return to the dock to empty it before continuing on. It just keeps going. Now, again, I'm completely willing to bet that a bunch of really smart people have done a ton of research to ensure the dustbin is large enough to pick up what would normally be on the floor in one clean. But not everyone has a German Shepherd that sheds like crazy.

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When it's mopping time, the VibraRise 2.0 feature improves the vibration to expand the cleaning zone. And when it encounters a rug, it raises the mop above the carpet and just keeps right on vacuuming.

It's also got 3D obstacle avoidance so it can tell the difference between an obstacle to avoid, like a pair of shoes, and a change in the floor height, like from my tile breakfast room to my hardwood living room.

And when it's all done, it makes its way back to the dock and cleans itself entirely. It washes and dries the mop, empties the dustbin, refills the water, and even cleans the dock.

Speaking of the RockDock (yup, that's what it's called), there are three sections to it. The first is the dustbin where all the dirt and dust from the vacuum is sucked up into

The best part is it can do all of this without me having to lift a finger, literally.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Cleaning Performance

Not only have I never owned a more feature-packed robot vacuum, I've also never owned one that cleans as well as the S8 Pro Ultra. We run it daily, sometimes multiple times a day when the kids need entertainment, and we rarely have to do any manual vacuuming or mopping behind it. I say 'rarely' because we're still a few years away from these things being good enough to entirely replace human effort. But it has absolutely cut down the amount we have to do quite significantly.

Works great for homes with pets or kids

If you have a dog, as we do, you know fighting pet hair is a never-ending battle. It's everywhere and it never stops. We've been most impressed by how well the S8 Pro Ultra helps keep the amount of dog hair to a minimum, or at least not as noticeable (let's be real, dog hair will never truly go away).

Aside from the dog hair, my wife is a baker so there's always, and I mean always, stuff all over the kitchen floor. But we just send the S8 Pro Ultra in to do its thing and the floors are sparkly clean in just a few minutes.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Software

The Roborock app is where all the magic happens that lets you literally set and forget so you don't have to think about vacuuming and mopping every again - ok maybe not ever but certainly much less than before.

After the initial mapping run to scope out your domicile, the app unlocks a whole new slew of features. You can set up different rooms including no-go zones and even what it calls 'entrapment' zones which are just areas of the floor where there might be a rise or a slight change in elevation. This lets the vacuum know it will need basically take a running start and try a bit harder to get over it.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Home Screen
Source: Roborock App

Once you have it all set, clicking on your robot will take you right into a map of your home. Displayed here is the current charge status, how long its most recent clean was and how much it cleaned. From there, you can quickly start cleaning the full house or specific rooms. You can also set the zones you want it to avoid. You can even store up to four different floor maps so it can intelligently clean all the floors in your house without you having to reset it.

Roborock-S8-Pro-Ultra-Vacuum Settings
Source: Roborock App

On the home screen you can also quickly jump into the vacuum and mop settings. One thing I really like is the quiet cleaning mode which will still do a good clean while keeping the volume much lower. It still wasn't necessarily all that quiet, but even if you're a medium sleeper, you shouldn't have any issues running it in your bedroom at night.

Pro tip: there is a full Do Not Disturb mode you can schedule to turn on during evening hours. This will keep the vacuum from doing the loudest self-cleaning routines like emptying the dirt bin and others. Again, this is fully customizable.

You can also jump into the settings for the dock which shows you the status of the clean water tank, dirty water tank, and the dustbin. You can even see exactly what it's doing while docked and how long it will take to finish its tasks. And, of course, you can customize a lot of this too.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra Final Thoughts

Alright, let's get this out of the way: the S8 Pro Ultra is expensive. At $1,600, there are a lot of other things you could get for that money. Even when it's on sale at the current sale price of $1,400, that's still a huge chuck of change.

And it's not perfect. It doesn't handle larger or extra sticky messes like honey or syrup too well, it's noisy and distracting when it's running, it gets clogged with dog hair pretty easily, and it's very expensive.

But honestly, I can't say it's not worth it.

It really just takes so much cleaning off my plate, and does it well, that I can't not recommend it. We have it scheduled to run in the morning when we head out to drop the kiddo off and when we need a spot clean (or to entertain said kiddo), we just hit a button. It's something we, quite literally, use multiple times a day and it's something my wife and I both get quite a lot of use from.

There's really not much it can't do and the few compromises are absolutely worth, provided you've got $1,600 laying around.

Clean all the things

Roborock-S8-Pro-Ultra-Reco Block

Roborock S8-Pro-Ultra

The best, and most premium, robot vacuum around

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is absolutely the top of the line for robot vacuums. It cleans well, it has all the features, and it's almost entirely automated. If you can afford it, it's absolutely worth it.

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