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The folks from Mobigloo, makers of such BlackBerry game classics as Nintaii, Next Dual Pack and Air Traffic Control, are back with a new game for BlackBerry Storm users called Road Mania. The goal of Road Mania is simple yet oh soooo challenging (and addictive and fun).... All you have to do is keep the traffic flowing! Here's the official verbage:

Road Mania puts you in charge of keeping the traffic flowing on busy junctions and preventing crashes. Vehicles approach the crossroads from all directions. Your role is to either speed them by flicking them with your finger or make them stop by simply tapping on them. For every vehicle that makes it to the other side, you score a point. But if there's a crash, the game ends. Features include:

  • 9 scenes to play (Main Street, Freeway, Downtown, Interchange, River, Rio, Tramway, New York and Roundabout)
  • Many types of vehicles: cars, convertibles, bikes, trucks, pick up, buses and even a tramway!
  • Amazing graphics and smooth animation
  • Warning: highly addictive

The graphics are really solid in this one and the game play is smooth and fun. I gave it a go and like it a lot. Two CrackBerry thumbs up! Road Mania works on both the BlackBerry Storm 9530/9500 as well as the BlackBerry Storm2. Road Mania sells for $4.99 and you can learn more and purchase from the CrackBerry App Store by following the link below.

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