After years of us complaining that it's always taking BlackBerry too damn long to bring new products to market, it's looking like they're finally going to deliver something ahead of schedule. Only problem is, it's not a new product. We're talking about finding a new buyer / strategic partner for the company (that's irony right there).

News today from the WSJ states that BlackBerry's special committee is putting things on the fast track and looking to complete a sale of the company by November. The news comes on the heels of Microsoft buying out Nokia's handset business and while BlackBerry may be working hard to get things done, it doesn't mean a deal will come to fruition in that time frame.

Reports have stated that BlackBerry may look to break up certain aspects of the company rather than a full-on sale including sending off BBM into it's own entity

We'll do some recon on this one and see what we can dig up, but for the most part nothing has changed since their original announcement though things may be moving along at a faster pace than expected. Personally, if things are going to change, I'd rather they happen sooner than later. It's better to know where things are at rather than be uncertain about where things are going.