Terratial Technologies is probably best known for their best selling Ring Tone Megaplex. This service gives you access to a variety of Ringtones to download to your BlackBerry.

And now they have a new product to complement their Ringtone library: HollerID Nametones. HollerID gives you access to a library of Ringtones that correspond to nearly 1800 of the most common American names. This allows you to download Nametones to your BlackBerry and associate them with the contacts in your address book. Then when someone from your address book calls, their name is announced.
Name Selection
Selecting a Nametone

Navigating the HollerID Nametone website was very simple. In just a few clicks I was able to get to a name and sample the various voices that can be used to announce the name. For each name, there are a number of different male and female voices used to announce, for example “Mike is calling”.
Nametone Playback

You can download samples of the various voices and play them to see which one you like. Some of the voices are purposely hard to understand, making it likely that you’ll be the only one who can figure out what the nametone is saying.
saving a name
Saving a Nametone

After you select a voice and save it your device, it’s easy to go into your contacts and associate that nametone with a particular contact.
Associating a Nametone with a Contact

Terratial’s HollerID Nametones retails for $19.95 for unlimited downloads for a whole year. You can get it at their website: terratial.com .

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