the wife alert

get the warning when the wife calls

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the wife alert


I've got this one on my phone... cracks me up every time I hear it... she never understands why I pick up the phone laughing!

The Bold isn't on the devices supported list and I have been unsuccessful getting any ringtones, is that the reason, not supported?

Scares some of our elderly patients, then they laugh with me, Everyone likes this tone, from the office to the lounge.

I just love this ringtone! It is by far, the best ringtone I have ever had on a phone. This ringtone is a must get for any married man out there! Trust me, you will get a laugh no matter where you go with this tune!! GREAT UPLOAD!!! Thanks :)

I love this, its hilarious i would call my husband just to hear it or make people stop and stare at him as i walk 20 feet behind him at WAL-MART. LOL!

Hilarious! I bet you see all the wives shopping in slippers with curlers and bathrobes buying diet pepsi and debbie cakes turn and look with scolding faces! LoL. That must be so funny to watch all the women get so pissed at the wally mart. Your a true good wife.

Everyone I play this ringtone for just cracks up, including my wife!! It's also useful, she says with that ringtone set for her incoming phone calls, she'll never call my phone again....

I'm getting this for my husband's smart phone. :D You should definitely make a husband one so I can put it on mine too.