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New hit song by T.I.!!

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Whatever You Like



New blackberry owner of course and i ive hooked up the usb to computer and phone clicked download now then save and the when i choose the blackberry icon then media card then ring tones it tells me i cannont save here to choose another location

if you have a memory card in your phone you can actually put that memory card into a adapter and put your songs onto your memory card and use them as ring tones.. thats what i do anyways.. but you cant just select songs from itunes or from windows media player you have to make a playlist and save it on your desktop i.e. music folder ... you can also download apps onto your phone and download ringtones from a blackberry app or telus app or whatever your provider has for apps.. and downloadin ringtones that way is pretty much the same way as you would on a normal phone..

When I e-mail the songs to what I thought would come right to my device, it doesn't. It does go to my email account on a desktop or laptop computer. Unless you have a solution, that'll be the annoying way of how to do it I guess right? Thanks :)

my blackberry isn't showing up in 'my computer' so I cant save the file to it. Is there something I need to turn on in the phone in order for it to work?

Just signed up. grabbed a few ringtones, and they sound excellent on phone! Let me know if I can do anything to help out the site! Thank you.

are you serious?!?!?!?!

you download the ring tone right to your media card from the internet.

Step one ) make sure your media card is connected to your computer via USB to USB2 or supporting cable to your Blackberry device.

Step Two ) click on "Download now!" should bring a new window up

Step three ) navigate throgh the menus to get to your media card. On PC's go to "my computer" - then to "D/E/F" drive what ever it might be and it will pop up "Blacberry" folder, then open that and go to "ringtones" and save it.....

YES it will work with any CELL PHONE that plays MP3.... ANY PHONE.... doesnt have to be a BB or a smart phone.....

this was completely easy to use. I admit I am a techy person...but come on plug in play pretty much! But thanks for this. I am a new Curve user and I love this phone. Now knowing that I can get awesome ringtones through this website puts one more excellent review point to this phone!!!! thanks!!!!!

i do not have internt on my phone. if i send this to my email is the only way i can get the ringtone, is to get on the internet or sumthing?

It doesn't work on the Bold either. What type of format is this anyway??? If it works on the curve it should work on the Bold....weird...

I have the bold and it works for me. I just log onto crackberry.com with my desktop computer, and email the songs to me. Then I hop on my email with my phone and download it.


click on the "download" now. click save - click on my computer - click on the black berry's media card - open "ringtones" and click on "save"

put the arrow/cursor at the beginning of the link, hit the blackberry button on the left of the ball, click copy and scroll down until whole url is highlighted. Blackberry button again - copy then "go to" on web - blackberry button again - Paste then hit enter....

I have blackberry World Edition. (88XX) This ringtone is not a media this device supports. Any suggestions?