Star Wars Imperial March by Star Wars

Star Wars Imperial March by Star Wars

A small clip from the Imperial March from Star Wars

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Star Wars

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Star Wars Imperial March by Star Wars


Great ring tone...Just got my BB Bold and Im going to put as my brother in laws ringer.....hahahah Thank You

i just got my 8330 curve and I don't have the faintest idea what you all are talking about on how to do this. Do I use the desktop manager to do this and send it to the phone through the cable attaching the phone to the computer? I need step by step directions. Thanks kathy

I emailed it from my desktop and sounds great! I also downloaded a few ringtones from my Blackberry and emailed them to myself. However, it was easier and faster from the PC. The ringtones arrived in seconds!
Perfect ringtone to set for when the ex calls!

i want 'eye of the tiger', the star wars theme - not the imperial march, and the jurassic park theme. none of these is available on this website. the options to create my own via the manual's online help are not listed. i have tried everything and nothing works. Please help.

I e-mailed the ringtone to my Blackberry 7100i and can not get the URL to activate. I shows, "HTTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable". Is this a URL a problem or is the problem with the 7100i's.

i emailed a ringtone to my blackberry pearl and never received it. i followed your instructions to no avail

That's very weird. I don't know what to tell you. Can you just download to computer and install via DM?

I have been looking for this ringtone, I had it on my old phone. It's the perfect ringtine to set for my boss. He's a huge Star Wars fan. Thanks!

My husband is a huge Star Wars fan and wanted this ringtone for his own phone. Ha! His phone can't play it but my new Blackberry can. Now it is set for whenever he called me! Ha! Take that husband! *sticks tongue out*

I placed this ringtone for my dreaded suppliers which keep chasing me up for money when i'm late on payment...

I have the Blackberry 8800. I was able to save the file as an MP3 and mail it to myself. As such, it shows up in my inbox as an attachement to the email. I can't see any option to play and/or save the attachement.

How do I get the file to my phone?

= Stuart =

I can see the application software on my blackberry, but there is no icon on my BB desktop, how do I activate it if the application is already on my desk top?? I ahve the BB 8830.

Have you put the mp3 file into your device's ringtone folder? Do you have a memory card? I have all my ringtones on my SD card in the ringtone folder (accessed through the desktop manager's media program). If the ringtone is in the folder labeled ringtones, it should be in there and accessable on your BB.


Try this.. I used the email option and emailed it to myself (using the email set up through my Blackberry). Then when I opened the email through my phone, I scrolled down until the link was downloaded.. it prompted me to save or open it. I chose to save it and then made sure the box was checked to set as ringtone before selecting save. It saved it as a ringtone automatically. I was able to go into my ringtones and see it there.

Hope this helps!