Top Gun Theme song

guitar solo

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Van Halen

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Top Gun Theme song


How come,I can't listen 2 the ringtone when Iam using ur site on my bb8703e sprint carrier?
Only I can preview the ringtone,when iam on my desktop.

This is a Kenny Logging tone written for the top gun sountrack, put two & two together Kenny wrote and preformed on alot of sound tracks throughout the 80s.

Kenny Loggins wrote Danger Zone, not the Top Gun theme. The music you hear in this ring tone is Steve Stevens.

First of all the song is called the "Top Gun Anthem." Second, it was written by Harold Faltermeyer. Third, Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens got credit for performing it. Fourth, Joe Satriani had absolutely nothing to do with the writing or performing of the song for the movie... he may have covered it at some time. Fifth, KENNY LOGGINS???

Van Halen? They aren't the composers by a long shot.

Neither is Joe Satriani

I own the movie on VHS, on DVD, and the soundtrack (it's my favorite movie)...

Harold Faltemeyer composed the piece. Steve Stevens just played on it. Faltemeyer also composed the other great song (besides "Danger Zone" - Kenny Loggins), "Memories" on the soundtrack. The soundtrack, to me, is one of the best of all time.