Rush Limbaugh Theme Song

Rush Limbaugh's theme song. It's just the intro to The Pretender's Singing "My city was gone".

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The Pretenders

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Rush Limbaugh Theme Song


Rush Limbaugh theme? Screw Rush. Crissy Hynde would resign from PETA just for the chance to kick his @ss and use his over-sized hide to cover a new ottoman.

It's "you're a gay ass homo." Perhaps some education would have been nice for you. Still, as a fan of the song, I like the tone.

I love Rush's show. By the way, he "contributes" to a charity that Crissy Hynde picked. This is her way of helping her charity even though she doesn't like Rush. Both sides win.

Good one! Thanks!

If you voted for Obama to prove you weren't racist, you better vote him out to prove your not an idiot.