God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash

God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash

Sooner or later..

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Johnny Cash

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God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash


Ever since I switched from a 7250to an 8830 and then a 8330 I have used this song as my primary profile ring tone out of holster.

Interesting to see some one else must have liked it enough to post it ....

It's also one of my 3 ring back tones the other 2 being Sweet by Tori Amos and everybody knows by Leonard Cohen.

Rock on guys great to see some one else likes this song as well....

all those ringtones are way to low on the loudess position .To hear the phone ring in any type of everyday situation, cant hear all those , just the regular ringtones programmed already in the phone from factory.

I always love it when obscure tracks make it to a ringtone. This one also quite clear and I haven't had any troubles with the volume level.

I became a big fan of Johnny Cash when he did covers before he died.
This song is one of my all time favorites and I didn't think I would find it.
How cool....

I am starting to listen to some of Cash's music more and more, and this is the first time I've heard this tune. I'm diggin' this song, and cool ringtone. Thanks!

great song thx for posting it!!! i dont have the tools to do it but another great cash song is when the man comes around, if anyone can make it that would be great!!!