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Godfather theme


should choose small earrings, preferably streamlined, with a downward contraction or extension of the geometric-shaped pendant, which can be extended the face, but also add add antique gold pocket watches add a bit angular sense. Abnormalities,wear a long necklace of soft flexible type, so the natural sag in the chest or V shaped into a
shaped, can play the effect of an exception. The shorter neck or round people do not wear large round earrings and thick neck does not not cheap designer watches not have a sense of mission drooping or necklace. People with square face should choose optional oval, water drop earrings or beaded earrings and a
and thicker with the beauty of the necklace ornaments to add to the feeling supple round. Avoid wearing jewelry geometric angular clear. You can also also wholesale pocket watches also wear a number of curved, lively type of flower and bird designs of the pectoral, which is added the dynamic, but also play a