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Michael Jackson

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Beat It (Chorus)


Can someone tell me exactly how to preview the songs on this web for ringtones. Pardon me, I am one technical dummy! Each time I go this crackberry to try to get ringtone all I keep seeing is the ringtone icon and I click on it and it just shows some topics.
Thanks ahead, please help.

Yeah just click on the icon that looks like a speaker or at least it's supposed to represent one.
Make sure to turn on the volume of your computer as you might have it at mute also.
Hope this helps.

i got these ringtones to remind me of one of the worlds greatest pop icons, michael jackson we will always remember him and his music will never be forgotten!!! from thriller to beat it and from black or white to rock with you he and his music will always be with us R.I.P!!!!!!!!!

Michael wrote this song for Ryan White (the kid w/AIDS) a few years back but unfortunately it was true for him (& us)too. I am a long time MJ fan who still loves MJ & I don't care what anyone thinks about him. MJ was a creative musiccal genius & a loving caring father. He was a true geniune spirit who only wanted to bring happiness to all. Everytime I hear his music it cheers me right up b/c that was MJ's plan; he wanted his music to affect people positively. Keep on dancing MJ wherever you are in heaven. I love & miss you.