Justin Bieber "Baby" ringtone!!!

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Justin Bieber

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this websit is the most non understanding website i say downlode i expect it to go to my phone the blackberry not my stupid comuter !! i hope you fix this problem or you will be hearing from me agian.

sincerly person who is not very happy

who do you think you will be hearing from me again.. if you dont like the site dont use it...

its the most easiest sight to use and its free.. what more do u want apart from a new attitude

this website is designed for phones that have internet access i.e
the ring tone goes to your phone and you download it that way..

how ignorant can u get? if u feel u cant understand how to work something on this website why wine! get a grip and ask questions!!! This is free and there isnt much in life free! get a life or dont use it!! duh in simple terms! BYE!!!

My BB came with a transfer/sync cable, and the download manager CD. You can save the files to your desktop and then upload the files to any BB you want, to whichever file you want it in. If something goes wrong, you have all the files saved on your PC, which is nice..really really nice. Read your users' manual, it is very handy. If you don't have the CD, go to their website and download it to your PC. Or simply go online with your BB as the other person suggested. Hope this helps.

go on the internet on your phone then to the website hit download and it will go to your phone not that hard lol

i had this problem too but on my blackberry i have a gmail app for my real email and i made another aol email to put as the email under "messages" just for getting ringtones from this site. it's really easy! the first time i tried this, none of the songs worked and i just got an error message saying "playing unsupported format", but now for some reason they all work! seriously, just try it again and you won't be disappointed.