Angry Ring Ring Ring......

Funny! Voice repeating ring ring, getted more aggrevated each time he says it.

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Angry Ring Ring Ring......


This is a good rign tone but I find my Blackberry cuts off the end of the ringer... it works up to taht point when you listen to it online and it is hilarious. Is there any way that a person could edit this so they can have the full length possible but have the end as as much as is possible towards the beginning... instead of the beginning and missing the end once it is loaded to the device?

My son put this ringtone on my phone years ago. Have wanted to find it again. Everyone who's ever heard it has a pretty good laugh. Many want to know where to get it. Glad I found it here.

How do I get this set up on my phone. I don't see any way here to have it sent to the phone for set-up