1up sound effect from Super Mario Bros by Nintendo

1up sound effect from Super Mario Bros by Nintendo

The sound of a 1up from Mario Brothers

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Super Mario Bros

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1up sound effect from Super Mario Bros by Nintendo


dis is a dope txt alert but it wuld b more dope if they had da WOO HOO alert mario always says if anyone can hook me up i wuld greatly appreciate it!!!!

I don't use desktop manager just plug and manually put items into folder no conversions nothing. Works fine, love my BB.

It is good

I'm going to download it on my computer, convert it from MP3 to WAV, and put it on my game on Game Maker.

It doesn't matter about that noise at the end.

By the way I am new to CB.


my gosh those the one having a problem downloading ........ to their phone hey. it's blackberry why don't u send through email to your phone then click the link and. its yours>. why make so complicated people!!!

im also new in BB. but i dont have to be dumb.

see look up again it's say download or email the ringtone...

so why download? thats what blackberry for EMAIL!!! use it

I have the original super mario soundtrack as my ringtone so this is perfect for an alert sound! Thanks! And as for it repeating, try using audacity. It is freeware and you can take any sound and tweak it in a million ways, including just repeating it over and over, then save as mp3 or wav to make your own ringtones.

It's not the tone that's bad, it's my bb 8700r. When I plug the usb cable all it does is charge but my pc doesn't recognize it :'(

I get too many messages for this, but would love a tone for when you pick up a coin - just a little ding

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