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RingTone Maker Helps Create RingTones In A Snap!

Straying away for the norm with this one CrackBerry Nation, with all the talk of BlackBerry App World and memory and such on devices, I figured it would be kinda cool to cover an application not intended for your device specifically.

RingTone Maker is a cool little application that allows you to make ringtones from pretty much any music file on your PC and with support for iTunes music and Amazon MP3 service built in it makes things really simple for creating some quick ringtones for your BlackBerry (Any device that supports ringtones), the user interface is straight forward to navigate and allows for time based selection of music chosen for your tone, live previews and even assists with transferring the ringtones created to your device.

If creating ringtones was a hassle for you before, this application get you well underway, you can grab it in the CrackBerry App Store for $9.95 and it offers a free trial. Once your ringtones are created, from the same developer you can also pick up Ringtone Shuffler which shuffles your ringtone collection so you hear a different tone everytime your Berry rings. And to top it all off the creators of the application Gx5 have issued us 10 copies of both Ringtone Maker and Shuffler to give away, so post a comment by Sunday, April 5th, Midnite PST and a copy of both could be yours free of charge!