The BlackBerry Passport is a beautiful and unique device. That's what I think, anyway. I have a tried a few cases already and use them on and off because sometimes you just want to show the Passport off in all its glory. However, I have dropped my Passport a few times so I do want a case to protect it. That's when I came across the Ringke Fusion case. The case is see-through, so it doesn't cover up the logo on the back and you can still protect your device from bumps. 

The Ringke Fusion case comes in two versions - crystal clear or smoke black. The smoke black would go well with the white BlackBerry Passport, while the crystal clear version would go great with the black and red Passport. But the choice is yours in the end. I went with the smoke black version for my black Passport.


The Ringke Fusion case is considered a hard case by the manufacturers. The back part is a hard plastic while the sides of the case are a more flexible TPU material to help absorb shock during a fall, bump or knock. The hard plastic back has an anti-scratch coating too so it doesn't get scratch up while in a pocket or bag. (Note: There is a protective plastic peel that needs to be removed from both the inside and the outside of the case). You have the usual cutouts for the camera on the back, the headphone jack at the top and for the speaker and slim port at the bottom. The volume/mute keys and power button are all covered - which I like - and they are easily pressed, no problem. There's just enough resistance that they don't press too easily while in your pocket.

The lip comes over enough that the keyboard and screen won't touch the surface when laid facedown. The back of the case does have an anti-scratch coating but there is also "four-point rear defenders" on the back of the case which is what it sits on when laid on its back. So the actual back of the case doesn't touch a flat surface.

The sides at the keyboard part doesn't go out the way like you find on the Amzer TPU Pudding case but the keys on the Passport don't go all they way to the end so it doesn't hinder the typing experience. 


It's a very slim case that doesn't add bulk but it still of very decent quality to protect your device from everyday use, even small drops. The BlackBerry Passport is a big device already so you don't really want to add too much bulk. 

It does pick up a bit of lint while in the pocket but I find it doesn't attract as much as other TPU cases I have tried.

I have dropped my device a couple of times, from about bed height or waist height while at home and it has survived hitting a hard floor surface. Since it comes over on the sides of the device unlike the OEM BlackBerry Hard Shell case, it's protected there too.


While the whole point of this case, at least for me, is to protect my BlackBerry Passport and still show the beauty of the device, the manufacturers offer a Do It Yourself template in the packaging, that allows you to add your own photo on the back to personalise it. Probably works best with the crystal clear case.

The Ringke Fusion case comes with a screen protector which is always a nice touch as you don't need to go elsewhere to get one, if you didn't have one already.

The Good

  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Flexible
  • Free screen protector
  • DIY photo option

The Bad

  • Picks up a bit of lint
The bottom line

Highly recommend it if you don't want to hide the beauty of the BlackBerry Passport while protecting it. It doesn't add bulk and has a nice feel to it when using it. While the back of the case already has anti-scratch coating, I like that they added the four-point defenders so that the back doesn't touch the surface when laid down on a flat surface. The flexible TPU material around the edges offers shock absorbing protection and has protected my Passport on a few occassions already. It is also nice that it comes with a screen protector. It is definitely my favourite BlackBerry Passport case so far.

The Ringke Fusion case is also available at a great bargain - $10.99 - which makes it great value.

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