If you work in a large corporation, chances are you probably spend a lot of your time reading emails on your BlackBerry and in conference calls using speaker phones like this very nice one from Polycom.

Now, I’d much rather sit in on a conference call than fly across the country to attend a meeting in person any day. But you have to admit, conference calling can also be a pain. First, you need to schedule the time of the call, tell everybody which number to call and give them a participant code. Once the call begins, so does the confusion. Who is on the call? Is anybody late? You have to ask everybody if you can start and make sure no one is missing. And maybe it’s just my company, but it seems like there’s always somebody (Bob!) who joins the conference call from his cell phone, huffing and puffing down the street past honking cars and screaming people.

Enter Ring2. Imagine you have a remote control where you can see and control everything that is going on with your speaker phone. Now imagine that remote control is always with you anyway, because it’s as close as your BlackBerry.

Using the Ring2 Conference Controller on your BlackBerry, you get a real time display of all the participants in the call. Even better, the participant list is linked to your address book, so each participant is displayed by name instead of number. But most importantly, you are in full control as the leader of the conference call. Remember that guy calling from his cell phone? You can mute him with one simple wheel click. Someone forgot to join? You simply click on your address book and one click later, the new participant is dynamically added to the call. Is that cool or what?

The Ring2 Conference Controller includes all the standard features you would find in a traditional conferencing solution such as a dial in toll free number, and reservationless virtual conference rooms. Other fun features include the ability to send conference call invitations (pre-filled with all the relevant call information) using your BlackBerry email, the ability to record a call, and the ability to assign billing codes to a call in case your accounting department requires it or you need to bill the call to a customer (if you are a consultant or a lawyer for example).

Ring2 Conference Controller installed very smoothly on our 8700. Fully integrated with the BES, the deployment for an enterprise is simple. It is fully hosted, so you won’t even need to install new servers in your office. The user interface is intuitive and powerful; we were making calls within minutes of installation.

This is a really innovative product and no doubt it is going to be a success within the BlackBerry world. Now that we’ve used it here at AllBlackBerry.com, we’re going to have to keep it! :)

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