One of the many great features I love about using BlackBerry is the amount of customization we get when it comes to ring tones and notifications. As well as easily setting a ring tone you can can also assign tunes to certain contacts if you so desire.

But it's notifications tones that get my juices flowing, so to speak. Being able to have a different tone for every single application I use means that when my BlackBerry 10 device makes a sound I know which app is alerting me, without even having to look at the device.

I stumbled upon Ring Tones in BlackBerry World which offers up a superb selection of top quality tones. You get a few free ones to start you off and after that you have the option to buy more if you wish.

But what I did was to listen to them all - find the ones I really liked and by performing a long hold you have the option to download. You get five free ones, so discover your favourites and grab them for no cash - sorted.

Ringtones Features:

  • Loads of Awesome Ringtones

  • Great Value For Money

  • MP3 Format (High Quality, Small File Size)

  • 100% Legal (Avoid Litigation)

  • Preview Feature For All Ringtones

  • Wide Variety Of Sounds

Sounds alright doesn't it?

To assign a tone:

  • Open Device Settings

  • Set Notifications

  • Select "Messages" item

  • Select the "Tone" dropdown option

  • Select "Browse Music"

  • Open folder to which you saved the ringtones & select the ringtone to use.

If you have a Blackberry 10 device I'd highly recommend giving this one a go. They all sound awesome.

More information/Download Ring Tones for BlackBerry 10