BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway

Updated: Well I didn't see missed this coming, but I like it. The Financial Post published a story this morning unveiling RIM's BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway device, based on info dug up from the good 'ole FCC. You have to love FCC filings, they divulge a ton of info. Funny thing though - this isn't even news. This actually debuted at CES earlier this month, but I missed when it was posted back then. Our buddy Ronen actually got live shots of it. I should know better than to think a newspaper would scoop a blog. Oh well, it's still the first time this is posted on CB, so if it's news to you, then GOOD. And if not, my apologies! Either way, it's a cool little accessory.

Straight from the User Manual, here's what the Remote Stereo Gateway Device is all about:

The BlackBerry® Remote Stereo Gateway is designed to enable wireless transmission of music or other audio files from your BlackBerry device to your home or portable stereo.

The BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway uses Bluetooth® technology to establish a wireless connection with your BlackBerry device. After you pair the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway with your BlackBerry device, you can connect to the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway when the device is within range of your BlackBerry device (a typical range is approximately 10 meters).

This should be a slick little OEM accessory for RIM (I'll definitely be buying one!) and makes the currently A2DP-lacking iPhone look like a chump. It's not a mind-blowing accessory - you can get bluetooth to 3.5mm jack devices right now, but it's further confirmation that RIM is really serious about wanting to grow in the consumer market. Remember back in August we ran a blog post on the rumored BlackBerry Home Server? Maybe this is all tieing together into sweeping consumer-geared media improvements from RIM. I'm LOVING it!


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