Ok, so *arguably* it may be more fitting for us to try and play off a Rebel Alliance theme over The Empire as we fight for BlackBerry in the mobile wars, but I've always been wayyy more of a Darth Vader fan than Luke Skywalker and seriously, THE RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK is just frak'n awesome (plus in real life Darth would crush Luke).

I fly out to Waterloo tomorrow, hometown of Research In Motion and birthplace of BlackBerry, so figured the best way I can show my support for RIM at their Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Tuesday night would be to literally wear it on a t-shirt. Looks pretty hawt, right?? 

The new logo is up on megaupload for all to enjoy, so if you want to make your own RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK t-shirts, stickers, wallpapers, etc. you can download the .eps file at the link below. Huge props to CrackBerry member 4speed for tossing out the new slogan on our The Way I See It CrackBerry Nation, We've Only Just Begun post earlier this week.

Download THE RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK .eps file from Megaupload

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