A while back now I heard that RIM was working on their own Twitter client (project banshee) and with some word of it starting to surface today figured it was about to time drop some details. It'll be a BIS-B Push based handheld client leveraging RIM's past app experiences and making use of the new components being developed within MySpace projects. It will feature core BlackBerry application integration, and be tied in to the address book, browser and device setup wizard. You can expect the user interface to be along the same lines as other RIM-built social networking apps and offer a similar experience. As for features, it'll have everything you'd expect a twitter app these days to have, including trending topics. All in all, it sounds good.

Over the past few months we've seen lots of developers throw a lot of time and effort (and $$ no doubt) at their third party twitter clients and over time have built up a lot of users of those apps. There's no doubt that whatever RIM pushes will likely become the most-used client, hence the poll at the top. I'm curious what all of the current BlackBerry/Twitter users out there think of this. Feel free to sound off in the comments!

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