RIM working on its own video conferencing app for the BlackBerry PlayBook

If you've looked around the BlackBerry PlayBook homepage lately then this may not come as a huge surprise -- and really it shouldn't as the real news here isn't that the BlackBerry PlayBook has the ability to do video conferencing. But rather, that Research In Motion is working on their own application that enables video conferencing on the BlackBerry PlayBook instead of relying on a third-party developer such as Skype or say Qik to do it for them (though nothing would prevent third parties from developing these apps on their own as well).

As noted by our friend Al Sacco in a recent interview he had with RIM's VP of enterprise strategy, David Heit, Research In Motion has been working on a peer-to-peer video-conferencing app similar to that of Apples FaceTime video chat and is expected to have it available soon and presumably on the BlackBerry PlayBook at launch.

No indication was given if and, or when we may see it on the BlackBerry smartphones but as the article states, it appears to be a BlackBerry PlayBook specific app only at this time as none of the current BlackBerry smartphones can even make use of the feature. Hit up the source link for the full details of the interview.

Source: PCWorld

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