BlackBerry Media Box

A few weeks ago the folks at N4BB reported that RIM has been working on a BlackBerry Media Box, which was going to be similar to Apple TV in concept, and rumors about the device have begun surfacing again. The folks at Nerdberry have apparently been given some inside information about the device, and from their understanding the device has received the codename of the BlackBerry Cyclone, and it is apparently due out this fall.

The BlackBerry Cyclone is said to be Netflix ready, WiFi enabled, have HDMI out, and even potentially run a QNX based operating system. While the rumors have been circling for a while, there is still no concrete evidence of the device, but previous questionairres RIM sent out do certainly guide us to believe this could be true. This would be a whole new branch in the RIM ecosystem, something we have yet to see from them before, and would be a great addition to the family.

Source: N4BB