While the month of August brought about a lot of changes in the mobile space, now that we're well rolling into September -- it doesn't seem as though that news is slowing down any. In fact, it seems as though things are just heating up more then ever. Samsung and Apple are having squabbles, Google's Motorola acquisition raises more questions then it offers answers, and HP seems rather lost with what, exactly to do with webOS while gaining an influx of new webOS users. As for RIM, well -- their investors' concerns are still there. 

The latest news has Jaguar Financial Corporation, a claimed significant investor in RIM, publically asking directors to "commence a value maximization process that may include the sale of RIM" which of course would also include any patents held by RIM. Though, nobody knows how invested Jaguar actually is. Jaguar, in their publically available info, states their reasoning for the push. Poor share price performance, lack of innovation resulting in a loss of market share, corporate governance concerns, and recent consolidation in the mobile and patent spaces top their list of reasons -- quite an interesting read, really.

Our friends over at WPCentral have played with the idea of Microsoft picking up RIM or at the very least, the patents they hold, and while we've seen Steve Ballmer and Mike Lazaridis close as of late, Microsoft does appear to have their hands quite full with their acquisition of Nokia. Kevin in the past has given us reasons as to why Google could potentially be a buyer as well, though with the acquisition of Motorola that ideology is off the table now.

This isn't really a post about who could potentially buy RIM, rather -- a post to question whether or not RIM is at the point where they should start considering these options. It's well known RIM is working through a transition phase right now and while history shows those transition phases typically don't work out for the best, will RIM be one of those that does succeed and prove every one of their investors wrong? BlackBerry 7 devices it seems -- are selling quite well, carriers such as T-Mobile and Sprint have been out of stock online for the past few days and the general feeling surrounding RIM's future has lightened up. RIM will announce their Second Quarter Fiscal 2012 results on September 15, 2011, hopefully then we'll get a better look at RIM's financial stance.

Source: BloomBerg; via: WPCentral, Jaguar

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