RIM Updates IM Clients!

I'm really starting to think that RIM testers and employees might be spending too much time utilizing the RIM built IM clients rather then actually working on more important issues like say, a better web browser or even ohh I dunno... a new OS for the BlackBerry Storm lol.

I do have good reasoning for this thought of course, it being the fact that RIM has updated all their IM clients again only after having just done so back in beginning of March. The current version available on http://www.blackberry.com/instantmessaging is now 2.1.44 for devices other then the BlackBerry Storm, which is at 2.2.31 as the Storm has its own variation of the applications. In typical RIM fashion no change log was provided so no one but RIM knows why the upgrades were even made available (though maybe a knowledge base article will pop up??).

For these applications to be updated so often they must be using them a whole heck of a lot to find bugs in them, meaning they spend way too much time instant messaging! Anyone agree that may be the case, lol? It's just a theory, but let me now what you think. And to any RIM employees who may be reading this, relax, it's a joke, unless of course I'm right in which case don't you have work to be doing?