RIM Updates All Instant Messaging Clients v2.5!
Over at the BlackBerry Support forums it's on record that all Instant Messaging clients did get a refresh and are now available for download. Seems this is the only official announcement after updating of Facebook, MySpace and BlackBerry App World applications as well for 5.0 OS, yet RIM remains silent about those. Some additions to the applications are:
  • Add dedicated icons to the Home Screen for one-click access to conversation boxes of specific contacts. The icon appears as the contact’s display picture or avatar.
  • Add contacts and display pictures or avatars to the address book to easily instant message, email, SMS, or call right from the address book or conversation box.
  • Search through saved conversations
  • Add dedicated emoticon icons in the conversation box

So if you haven't already grabbed the individual updates and use the IM applications on a daily basis, you just might want to grab the latest and load them up and see what else is new that you can find within them.