The RIM Twitter Team Needs Your Opinion!

The good folks over at the Inside BlackBerry Blogs, who also run the BlackBerry Twitter team, are asking users for their opinion on their official Twitter accounts. They need to choose a background for the accounts and that of course is where you all come in. Since, the BlackBerry twitter accounts would be visited by you, they simply need to know which one of the two shown above you all prefer.

The one on the left is that of the @BlackBerry account. The one on the right is that of the @BlackBerryBlog account. Personally, I like the one on the left and I'll be tweeting my vote to them later, but how about you? Tweet them to let them know, or head on over to the Inside BlackBerry blogs and comment. And don't hesitate to let them know any other suggestions you might have as well on how to better their use of Twitter. 

If you haven't already, don't forget to drop by our Twitter page at Also remember you can hit up the @crackberry Twelper team with any and all BlackBerry questions by sending a Twitter mention to @crackberry.