TicketMaster Sign Up!

We first heard news of TicketMaster teaming up with RIM way back in September at CTIA. Ever since then there has not really been any news about it and I was honestly starting to wonder if it had gone the way of the Picasa application RIM had promised us from wayyy back. However, I was pleasently surprised to see that RIM has updated some of the information on their site and there is now even a sign up page where you can request to be informed when the services go live (app world anyone?). Also, a brief description of the services has been posted as well, for those who may have missed it:

Ticketmaster for BlackBerry® smartphones—your mobile connection to event, concert game and theatre tickets. Designed to make buying tickets more convenient, you can browse event listings, select your seats and even buy your tickets from just about anywhere using familiar BlackBerry menus and prompts. It also works with BlackBerry® Wallet to help you fill in credit card and shipping information. And, as the official smartphone of Ticketmaster, your BlackBerry smartphone can also be your connection to advanced or reserved tickets as well as special events, rewards and fantastic promotions.

And there you have it folks, RIM is still planning on releasing the services to customers, which is awesome. I can't wait till some of these long-awaited applications start showing up. Now RIM, how about we get a little DipDive action going?

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