RIM's Sweden branch, previously known as The Astonishing Tribe, has made a big splash at Mobile World Congress 2012. One of two new concepts that they're showing off is called Confetti. It's a simple collaboration app that lets you easily transfer files between BlackBerry PlayBooks with a lot more flair than you'd expect. By mounting a webcam on the cieling, the PlayBooks are recognized, assigned a color, and positioned in relation to one another. Before a meeting starts, there's a casual game of virtual catch that you play by tapping your screen's dot. It shoots a streaming of jagged, funky pixels over to another member, and you keep bumping it around until the meeting is ready to start.

You launch the meeting with the top-down swipe, and now you can get to work. Little bubbles show up around the edge of your screen, each representing someone in the meeting, and they change position as the owner moves around. You can use the system menu to pull in images and documents, which can then be dragged to one of these edge bubbles to transfer the file over the local Wi-Fi network. You can also broadcast the file to the other users by pinch-zooming, or using a special gesture, shunt the image out to a projector. You can still share files directly with other users during this exposition mode by moving two BlackBerry PlayBooks close to one another.

Files are transferred over Wi-Fi, but Bluetooth is equally possible, and it's easy to imagine peer-to-peer pairing to be initiated by NFC down the road. If you've got an office already equipped with a bunch of PlayBooks, and you already need a spare to host the file transfers anyway, it might be easier to temporarily suspend one from the cieling than permanently dangling a webcam, but whatever works.  

Now, of course we all want this. This is awesome. RIM needs to put everything TAT cooks up in BlackBerry App World. If the App World was exclusively a conduit for TAT apps, and nothing else, I would be perfectly happy with the PlayBook. Unfortunately, TAT was showing off some pretty sweet stuff last year that never found its way into the wild, so the precedent isn't great. As you'll see in my next video, my challenge to Michael was this: "How many CrackBerry.com comments would it take to get this app into App World?" So guys, make some noise in the comments, and show RIM just how serious you are about getting your hands on this beautiful, productive, creative app. 

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