Myself, not being much of stock watcher -- I always find it interesting sometimes to see what causes stock in companies to go up and down. The latest rumors surrounding RIM are that Vodafone may possibly have an interest in a RIM buyout and while the rumor itself is debatable, the more interesting thing here is the effect it appears to of have had on RIMM.

Research In Motion stock rose 14% on the news of these rumors and it's not exactly the first time RIMM has gone up strictly based on acquisition rumors. Some investors have faith in RIM, while others are it seems, hoping someone steps in for an acquisition.

No matter how you look at the situation, the fact people are so fascinated with each and every RIM acquisition rumor that comes out, and the fact their stock either goes up or down depending on whom it is suggested as being the one to take over is interesting to watch. It shows you many people are still interested in RIM and their future as a whole.

via: BGR