Why Not Buy an Interactive R2-D2?With Research In Motion's stock looking good as ever, I thought this might be a good opportunity to lend my 2 cents to RIM stockholders.

Why not sell and treat yourself to something nice? C'mon... Treat yourself!

If this sounds like fun, here is a list of 10 practical things I think you should purchase:

10. The Talking Beer Glass - With your stock cashed in and money coming out your ears, shouldn't you have a beer mug that tells you when you need a refill?

9. A New Coffee Mug - Nothing starts the day better than a strong cup of coffee in a brand new Mug.

8. A New Jacket - Why not put yourself in something that can hold multiple BlackBerry's?

7. An Interactive R2-D2 - Every office needs one of these. He'll even hold your coffee (or beer)

6. An Autographed Picture of your Favorite Celebrity - Looks great on your desk, mantle or bedroom!

5. Tickets to the Oprah Winfrey Show - Go and visit the show live in Chicago. Why not? Chances are you'll get something for free while you're there. A bike, or a book perhaps?

4. A Natural Cotton Velour Robe - Why not slip into one of these? Looks comfy, and look at how happy they are.

3. A Personalized Piggy Bank - Stash all that extra cash somewhere safe.

2. A New Tuxedo - For those formal gala's you will no doubt be attending.

1. The Enzo Ferrari - Get around town in style. 

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