RIM CellTrek Explorer

In the CrackBerry podcasts, my co-host Craig Johnston ocassionally likes to show off his wisdom (err.. show off his age?! just kidding Craig!) by talking about the early days of Research in Motion and the company's pre-BlackBerry gadgets. 

So when I came across this post by member drg1138 in the CrackBerry forums this morning I just had to share it. Drg1138 stumbled upon a RIM sticker on a non-BlackBerry device at the company he works for! According to the stickers on the back of the device, the unit is a Lipman Model Nurit 3010 Wireless POS EDC Terminal, containing RIM Model Number R900-2. So in this case RIM just supplied the "guts" to Lipman for the terminal...but still, pretty cool to know/see first hand that RIM has done other things than BlackBerry smartphones. Maybe a BlackBerry fridge isn't that far of a stretch? :-)

More photos can be found here, and if you have any back-in-the-day RIM stories to share, post them in the comments!