RIM Standing Firm I reported yesterday that RIM was giving the Indian Government a no-go on direct access to decrypt BlackBerry messages sent from BlackBerry users within the country. It looks like they are standing firm on their position. 

RIM has vowed to BlackBerry customers that they do not have any plans of giving in to the continuing demands of the Indian Government for access to messages as part of terrorism probes/investigations. What's more, RIM has made it clear that they lack the ability to enable any third party to read encrypted information contained within a users' device... and that they could not provide the government with the encryption key needed to decrypt messages... because such an encryption key does not exist!

RIM wants to assure customers that they are committed to "serving security-conscious businesses in the Indian market with highly secure products".

Again, good on RIM for standing firm on this one. It's just a shame it took this long to get to this point.

[ via The Calgary Herald ]