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While we all wait somewhat patiently for the Android App Player to officially make its way to the BlackBerry PlayBook, it looks like RIM is still rallying the troops on the Android front. RIM is sponsoring 50 Android developer events on Meetup in order to get the Android love flowing on the PlayBook. The sponsored events will allow for a BlackBerry rep to visit with groups in order to help convert Android apps to run on the PlayBook as well as get listed in BlackBerry App World.

Android Player for BlackBerry PlayBook is supporting 50 Meetups across the country to get the word out about converting your Android App to run on the BlackBerry Tablet OS and host it in BlackBerry World. They're thrilled to have your Meetup participating in this program! In addition to having a local Blackberry rep come visit your Meetup, they're making a financial investment in your Meetup Group over the next 3 months to help your Organizer make it even better!  

It looks like there is a good amount of interest thus far, so lets hope things go well and plenty of developers hop on board. Still no official word on just when we'll see an official release of the Android App Player, but as always, fingers crossed that it's not too much longer.

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