Making good on coCEO Jim Balsillie's recently made statement that the future of BlackBerry lies in social networking, Research in Motion is partnering with singer to make content from's Dipdive online community (where political blogging meets music video content) wirelessly available on the BlackBerry.

According to Balsillie, “Probably the two hottest trends in wireless are social networking … and the other one is the multimedia, which is principally portable music." For the end user, the advantage of these two worlds converging on the BlackBerry platform is that it, "It brings the artist into a direct relationship with the fan.”

Why the Blog Post title? Well... in addition to his famous career with the Black Eyed Peas, is also famous for his "Yes We Can" Barack Obama video (above) which has been a huge hit on YouTube. It's sort of weird that RIM is announcing this... right now Dipdive is not so much an online social networking community as it is a few celebs doing political music video blogs -- either RIM is really throwing it in behind Obama or Dipdive is going to become something more very shortly.

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