BlackBerry Unite No Longer Available!

Ahhh poor BlackBerry Unite! It burst onto the scene with big promise of new features such as sharing calendars, assisting with user control over devices and implementing desktop to BlackBerry file transfers. But with a rough start for some users having issues with an IT Policy being unknowingly installed on their devices and causing all kinds of chaos, BlackBerry Unite had many people disliking it even before it got off the ground. A couple of revisions later, some of the issues were resolved many still remained and while we heard that the cancellation of Unite was well on its way a post on the official BlackBerry support forums drove the final nail in the coffin.

Please be aware that BlackBerry® Unite! is no longer available for download. RIM plans to continue support for current BlackBerry Unite! customers until July 2, 2010. For more information about other BlackBerry solutions for small business, visit the BlackBerry Solution Wizard.

And with the blow that Unite! is done, in walks a glimpse of BlackBerry Groups which seems to be a better implementation of what RIM's original vision of Unite! was to be from the beginning, just but more refined and in an on-device only app form. Time will tell on that but hopefully that will turn out to be the case. R.I.P Unite!